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DNA Paternity Testing in Thailand

You must be able to trust your DNA paternity testing laboratory in Thailand, because paternity is a very important issue which profoundly affects the lives of the child, parents, and extended families. There must be high standards of quality and auditing established to truly international standards in the laboratory behind the scenes. Anybody can say anything, but the best proof is in the certifications.

There are two kinds of error you want to avoid: laboratory error, and human error.

Thirdly, you should avoid potential corruption in Thailand, as there may be people with an incentive to discreetly influence the results in the local network. Thailand is known for many people pursuing what they want by under the table money behind the scenes discreetly.

If you are concerned about paternity fraud by a mother, then you may want to diligently close the loop on these other potential sources of a false conclusion, too. Paternity is a very important life issue, generation to generation.

Regarding human error, there are many stories of babies getting mixed up in hospitals, subscriptions being confused, and other kinds of human error. It may be more obvious when a prescription gets mixed up because it can be compared to the illness to see if it makes sense, or when a baby gets switched just from what the baby looks like, but with swabs of DNA, all swabs look the same so that the laboratory must be very careful to not mix them up.

We all have experiences with good vs. careless service, and nice advertisements and image -- versus actual service behind the scenes, as well as after sales service. DNA testing shouldn't be just all about making money. It is much more important in life than money.

This is why we have multiple safeguards as established and witnessed by our multiple professional certifications listed below, as well as our extra careful and transparent procedures, which should give you confidence in the results without a reasonable doubt.

Sometimes, counsel and clear explanations are also needed, in both native English and native Thai.

The cost is 9800 baht all inclusive in the greater Bangkok metropolitan region, and the time for results is normally between 5 and 9 days, usually about 7 days.

Our DNA Paternity Testing Solution in Thailand

We are an American and Thai owned company which collects DNA samples for testing in an American laboratory, as the Thailand corporate partner of a leading USA based laboratory, the DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), which has been doing DNA relationship testing (such as paternity tests) since 1996, and has multiple safeguards against both human and laboratory error as achieved by their multiple certifications and professional laboratory inspections below. We also have methods to assure you that your DNA sample maintains its integrity.

Our American expat physicist is present in our office most of the time, and reachable by phone at other times, who you can come and talk with, review sample reports, and ask him any questions. He came to Thailand from Washington, D.C., in 1994, because the American government's Asia Regional Office is in Bangkok, Thailand. Instead of eventually going back, he started a family in Thailand and has lived continuously in Thailand since that time. He has experience in investigations in Thailand going back to the 1990s.

He dealt with DNA testing here for the first time in 1996, using a variety of laboratories until choosing the DDC for its quality, support, and promptness.

The DDC laboratory is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), the main agency which certifies DNA laboratories in the USA. However, our laboratory exceeds AABB certification in many ways.

For example, in order to dramatically reduce the chances of human error, the DDC laboratory splits your DNA samples into two independent teams who come up with results separately. If the results are not the same, then the test is rejected and new samples must be provided. (This is extremely rare, by the way, due to the other safeguards listed below.) The AABB does not require that every case is tested twice, and most laboratories just test a sample only once, unless there is an exclusion. We know of no other laboratory which tests all incoming samples by two independent teams.

It is not required for a laboratory to have additional certifications, but our laboratory has a long list of additional certifications, as listed on our home page.

The report comes from the USA in the form of a PDF file which we give to you by email or printed paper. This PDF file has a digital signature by the laboratory, so you double check its authenticity, according to digital certificate authorities on the internet. The laboratory can also confirm the test. We are open about showing you that your DNA test is real. Come to our office and we can go into details. Please feel free to ask questions and expect clear answers, because we want you to have total peace of mind for the rest of your life. This is our job, that's a purpose our company exists for, and you should not feel intimidated or stonewalled by your service provider.

The report shows the laboratory results clearly, your DNA beside that of the child and optionally the mother, so that you can see clearly how it compares and how we calculate the results. It is normally 99.99+% probability of being the father or else 0% probability (not the father). You will receive truly calculated numbers, not just claims that we can prove 99.999999% and then such as statement. We even show you how we calculate your probability of paternity on the laboratory report, in detail.

Indeed, you are welcome to see your samples sealed and sent on their way. You can also come to our office to witness the login to the laboratory to track your case, if you wish. These are at your option. If you are worrying at all, then it is best if you exercise these options for peace of mind. That's what you're paying for, and we strive to be the best.

If it is not convenient for you to come to our offices on Sukhumvit soi 2, then we can send one of our staff to your location to collect the samples. It often is not convenient to take a baby across town, much less in from another province, so it may be much better for us to come to your location. This is done at no extra charge in the Bangkok metropolitan region. Outside of Bangkok, there is a reasonable extra charge for our staff to travel to your location.

The time between giving your DNA samples and the final report is usually between 5 and 9 calendar days, depending on public holidays, weekends, and some other factors. Always ask first, because if a service provider takes 30 to 45 days, you may wonder about how your DNA samples are handled during all that time. See also our website section on "How DNA Tests Work", because it normally should take 2 days in the laboratory, and can be done in 1 day.

All laboratory testing is done in the central Fairfield, Ohio, USA laboratory. We are their Corporate Partner in Thailand for the DDC, and handle cases within Thailand.

Even samples from the UK are shipped to the USA laboratory. For example, the DDC also has a UK website, and the Thai language page has our company address and phone number as the point of contact in Thailand.

Samples from many countries in the world are shipped to the DDC central laboratory in the USA, because DNA is a very important matter in life and the DDC does it right without shortcuts.

Our company in Thailand handles inquiries in Thailand from all kinds of entities, stands by the report, and explains things, in both native Thai and native English, clearly. Of course, the Thai entities speak in Thai, call a domestic phone number in our local time zone, and expect an objective third party domestic professional company to stand by the report.

We can handle both Thailand and overseas entity requirements.

We provide both the original English laboratory report and a Thai translation. Notably, our founder also co-founded a professional Thai-English translation company (Export Quality Services Co., Ltd.) in 2002 for the purpose of quality control in language translation between Thai and English, as you can see on that website, www.ThaiEnglish.com , and you may note that we both have the exact same address, co-located with us on the top floor of our office building. We are able to handle your translation needs, too.

Further, if you need advice, you may also notice that our company's American co-Director has been working in Thailand for more than 20 years (came from Washington, D.C.), and has maintained the website www.ThailandGuru.com since the year 2000 which gives a wide range of advice for expats. Yes, same address.

We are well established and well known.

Alleged Father, Child, and Optional Mother

At the minimum, we need DNA samples from the child and the alleged father.

A DNA sample from the mother is not necessary but is encouraged if the mother is cooperative. The cost to you is the same whether or not a DNA sample is taken from the mother. (We don't want to discourage inclusion of the mother for cost reasons, and the extra cost to us is not so much, considering all other costs, so we don't charge you any more.) The laboratory report is a little bit clearer to a novice if it shows the mother's DNA, too.

The result is either of the following:

  1. The alleged father is "excluded", i.e., 0% chance of paternity


  2. The alleged father is an "included" with a probability of paternity normally over 99.9% for a duo and over 99.9999% for a trio.

In cases where only the father and child are tested without the mother (a "duo"), the probability of paternity is usually 99.99+%, for example, 99.996%.

In cases where the mother, father and child are tested (a "trio"), the probability of paternity is usually 99.99999+%, for example, 99.9999994%.

The exact percentage varies from case to case, as some people have more common DNA "alleles" than other people. See our page on How DNA Testing Works.

We have seen laboratories guaranteeing very high percentages, such as 99.999999...%, whereby customers may think that a laboratory which can guarantee a higher percentage is a better laboratory. Actually, the opposite may be true. How do they calculate that percentage? Or did they make it up for purely marketing reasons? Do they show you how they came to that number? We can sit down with you and your report and show you exactly how we came up with the % probability number on your report, and you can do a manual calculation yourself based on all the numbers we show you.

We have seen reports from different laboratories for the same customer whereby different laboratories gave very different % probability results, based on the same DNA profile data! Obviously, there are questionable calculations there.

99% is good enough for most people, but the question becomes one of honesty.

As our laboratory is so old and large, we have private DNA profiles of an extremely large number of people so that we have an extensive database of how common or rare different alleles are in the human population. This allows us to calculate a more accurate % probability in our DNA tests of all kinds.

We now test a minimum of 20 loci for each case. DNA testing laboratories usually test 16 loci. This is fairly standard. In fact, from laboratory to laboratory, the 16 loci are often the exact same, or sometimes 14 of the 16 will be the exact same (see our section on How DNA Testing Works) but without AABB certification, a laboratory could use any loci they want. Even among AABB certified labs, many of the loci tested may vary from laboratory to laboratory. It is best if the extra loci tested are where there is a lot of varioation between humans.

If you want to increase the probability even higher, then we can test 25 or 36 loci to drive the probability of paternity up even higher, but the cost is higher. Normally, 16 to 20 loci is enough.

The result is normally over 99%, or else 0%. If the man is not the father, then it becomes abundantly clear very quickly.

What about other errors?

If samples are contaminated, that shows very clearly on the report and we take another set of samples.

If the samples get mixed up, that usually becomes apparent in the report. The gender gets checked for each person to make sure there is no obvious mixup. If a result states that the father and mother are related but the child is not, obviously there was a mixup. We are very careful and have an established process for collecting samples, whereby we have never had samples mixed up which we collect. However, we've had anomalies from customers who have taken their own samples and mailed them in to us.

The final report is signed off by a qualified Ph.D. Laboratory Director of the DDC lab in the United States of America.

Our physicist in our Bangkok office can answer your questions and explain things.

For more information, you may want to see our page on How DNA Testing Works.

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