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DNA paternity test kits by mail in Thailand

For people who want to collect their own DNA samples, instead of having one of our DNA collection agents take the samples, we have a standard kit which we can postal mail to anywhere in Thailand, or which you can pick up at our office. It has detailed instructions and everything you will need. You can return it by either postal mail or dropping it off in person at our office. Since we mail from within Thailand, EMS typically takes just 1 or 2 days.

This is very popular with fathers who want to do a DNA paternity test discreetly, or who wish to save money by not having one of our DNA collection agents travel a long distance, or just for convenience.

Our DNA collection kits may only be used with our laboratory. They are bar coded for our Bangkok office, and the large laboratory relies on us to keep details on your case and provide all support.

Please note that if you self-collect by a postal mailed kit or if you use a kit picked up from our office, whereby none of our staff were present to collect the samples and identify the participants, then the DNA report will use only one word names on the report (first names or one word aliases), not full names. To put a full name onto a report, we require that one of our DNA collection agents takes the samples, identifies the participants by government issued ID, and takes a photo of all participants at the time of testing. Therefore, a kit sent by postal mail or picked up at our office will result in a report with only one word names for each person. If you mail the envelopes back with any full names, then we can make a note of this (we take photos of envelopes) but we will cross out the surname(s) and leave only the first name before submitting it to the laboratory.

Most people who want a self-collection kit sent by postal mail or picked up just want to know whether or not they are the biological father, and do not intend to try to use the report officially. Usually, officials want a full name on a report, and also want contact information on the company handling the DNA testing. However, sometimes an official just wants to know you did a DNA test to make sure you are the biological father, to make sure you are not a victim of paternity fraud, such as to advise and protect you. Whether or not they believe you is up to them. We can confirm that we tested samples submitted to us, but we cannot confirm the origin of the samples besides that we received them in postal mail or they were dropped off to our office, and we report that we did not take the samples ourselves nor witness their collection. That might or might not be good enough. We are willing to talk or correspond with officials as you may wish, and we keep records in our computer system for each case even when by postal mail or pick up for self-collection, but we must make clear that we cannot confirm the origin of the samples besides the post office or a drop off. Our support can continue well into the future.

It's worth mentioning that we have seen scam websites on DNA testing. This includes one whereby a customer dealt directly with a provider overseas by mail. Their result turned out different than our result -- the mail-in overseas place said yes he is the father, but we found out that no he is not the father. Good thing he double checked. After that, he independently used a third place to see which one was right and which one was wrong. The third place not only confirmed he is not the father, but also our details on the DNA profile of himself and the child from the laboratory data matched the details the third place provided -- the same as us. Of course, what could the customer do about a laboratory in another country ... travel there and confront them, or hire a lawyer ... for what outcome?

It is best to use a service provider where you have the option of walking into their office to confirm they are real, check their business registration documents to make sure everything is in order, and talk with them to assess their expertise and diligence. Even if you do everything by postal mail with a kit, it may be better to deal with a domestic Thailand entity than one overseas.

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