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DNA paternity test kits by mail in Thailand

For people who want to collect their own DNA samples, instead of having one of our DNA collection agents take the samples, we have a standard kit which we can send by Thai Post to anywhere in Thailand. It has everything you need -- all the supplies, and detailed instructions. You can just return it by mail at any Thai Post office. Since we mail from within Thailand, EMS (Express Mail Service) typically takes just 1 or 2 days.

This is very popular with fathers who:

DNA self-collection is just wipes of the inside of the cheeks, no blood, no pain, and is not difficult.

Self-collection, mail-in DNA samples are popular and routine in the USA and some other countries, such as for paternity testing, finding out one's ethnic heritage, and various other purposes. You can find kits on the shelves in some drug stores in the USA, and lots of places which sell them by mail order in some national markets. Our laboratory ships a large number of kits in bulk to us once in a while, then we mail out kits domestically in Thailand, handle clients in Thailand, and ship samples to the laboratory in the US by FedEx. (We can send you the FedEx tracking number, too, and see extra proof discussed below.) We help you get things done quickly and simply with a top laboratory in the USA, the DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC).

If requested, if you want to receive a package in the mail discreetly, then we can send the package to you with a more discreet sender name. Normally, it does not come with the word "DNA" on it though comes with our company name as sender, but upon request, we can change this to a personal name instead of our company's name.

Our DNA collection kits may only be used with our laboratory. They are bar coded for the laboratory's tracking system, linked to our Thailand company, and the large laboratory relies on us to keep details on your case and provide all support locally.

Normally, people who want a self-collection kit sent by postal mail just want to know whether or not they are the biological father, and do not intend to try to use the report officially.

Please note that if you self-collect by a postal mailed kit, then you can only use your first names or a one word alias, not put your full names on the report. To put a full name onto a report, we require that one of our DNA collection agents collects the samples by swabbing the participants, controls the samples, identifies the participants by government issued photo ID (or birth certificate for a child with no photo ID), and takes a photo of all participants at the time of testing. Of course, that is different from a postal mailed kit. Therefore, a kit sent by postal mail will result in a report with only one word names for each person. If you mail the envelopes back with any full names, then we can make a note of this (we take photos of envelopes) but we will cross out the surname(s) and leave only the first name before submitting it to the laboratory.

Usually, officials want a full name on a report, and also want contact information on the company handling the DNA testing so they can contact us to confirm authenticity of the document, a statement from our company that we took and controlled the samples, with photos of the participants and ID information, and documentation on our company. (We are accustomed to this, as we have done many tests for the Thai government and other governments.) With a mail in kit, we cannot confirm the source of the DNA samples we received, though we can confirm that we mailed a kit, received samples, organized the DNA testing, and issued a DNA Test Report. However, in mail-in self-collected samples, of course since we did not collect and control the samples ourselves, then we cannot confirm that the samples we received are truly samples from the individuals whose names were on the envelopes we received.

It's worth mentioning that we have seen scam websites on DNA testing. For example, this includes one whereby a customer dealt directly with a provider overseas by mail. Their result turned out different than our result -- the mail-in overseas place said yes he is the father, but we found out that "no", he is NOT the father. Good thing he double checked with us. After that, he independently used a third place to see which one was right and which one was wrong. The third place not only confirmed he is not the father, but also our details on the DNA profile of himself and the child from the laboratory data matched the details the third place provided -- the same data details as us on their DNA profiles. Of course, what could the customer do about a laboratory in another country ... travel there and confront them, or hire a lawyer?

It may be best to use a local service provider with a domestic representative and domestic address whereby customers have the option of pursuing and confronting them if something looks bad to you, rather then trying to deal with one overseas. It is much easier to hold a domestic service provider accountable. Also, you can talk with them in your own time zone to assess their expertise and diligence. If you do everything by postal mail with a kit, it may be better to deal with a domestic Thailand entity than another one overseas.

A domestic entity can also get a kit to you more quickly and reliably by domestic express mail. Receiving a kit internationally may take considerable time. You might also be surprised by some providers who advertise a cheap price, but after spending time and effort on them whereby you are hooked in, when it comes time to pay, you might have shipping and handling charges added on so you are actually looking at a different price. Plus, you must ship it back internationally. With us, you just mail it back domestically, and we cover shipping costs, and we send by FedEx in Bangkok so it gets to the laboratory quickly. We ship cases routinely.

You pay us 11,800 baht for a paternity test between father and child, or if you want to test the mother, too, then add another 2500 baht so it is 11,800 + 2500 = 14,300 baht. The mother is optional. This cost is all inclusive as regards paying us. Besides that, you pay only for domestic mail to send it back to our Thailand address, typically less than 50 baht by Thai Post EMS. We pay the postage to send a kit to you by EMS (Express Mail Service) domestically in Thailand, and we pay the international shipping costs to ship the DNA quickly to the laboratory in the USA by FedEx. We have been handling international DNA shipments routinely for 10+ years, so you can just send it back to our address in Thailand.

The process is that you pay 1000 baht in advance for us to send the kit to you. After you collect the samples and send them back to our address in Thailand, then we confirm with you when we have received your samples. At that time, after we have received your samples back, then the other 10,800 baht is due, before the laboratory will start testing. That is a total of 1000 + 10,800 = 11,800 baht. As noted above, if you send DNA samples for the mother, too, and want to add the mother, then you would add another 2500 baht, so it would be 11,800 + 2500 = 11,800 baht. Therefore, the cost, all inclusive, would be either 11,800 baht or 14,300 baht, with no cost surprises later.

If you later want to know the FedEx tracking number which we shipped by, just ask and we can tell you, and you can see online that it was shipped. If you want exhaustive peace of mind, then we can meet and I can show you additional things which should be completely convincing that your samples were really tested and that the resulting report is real. This is another advantage of using a domestic service provider, even for mailed kits, because if you have any doubts or questions, then you can visit us to find out more. I can log into the laboratory's website online and bring up your case, where I download the DNA Test Report for your particular case.

We are cost efficient because we are very standardized and our laboratory handles a huge volume of DNA cases from all around the world. Our laboratory is one of the biggest and most automated in the world. We have good I.T. and tracking. You get the best of both worlds -- a top class U.S. laboratory and an accessible domestic Thailand company.

Just call us at 08-0062-4243 (English) or 09-0095-8763 (Thai and English) or connect to us on Line at Line ID thailand.dna.test to inquire at no obligation.

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