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Remote Locations

It is not always convenient for people to bring a baby to our office, or for everybody to get away from work or school, whereby you may prefer to request that we send one of our DNA collection specialists to your location rather than the two or three of you come in to our office.

Sometimes, there are other reasons why it's better for one of us to go to another location(s), rather than the person or multiple people to come to our office.

In the greater Bangkok metro region, we offer to send our staff to your location at no extra cost.

Outside of the Bangkok region, we offer to send our staff to your location at a reasonable extra cost.

Please note: We are very strict about handling DNA. We do not easily accept business partners in remote parts of Thailand to handle DNA samples of customers, just for more business. We have a few well known and trusted people who travel to remote locations at a low cost to take DNA samples, and properly handle them. These few agents of ours have a lot of experience in handling DNA specimens.

We can also ship a DNA collection kit to you with detailed instructions, whereby you can collect the sample yourselves and send them to us by EMS. However, you must read the instructions patiently and be very careful in how you handle the swabs, collect the DNA, dry the swabs without contamination, and repackage the swabs for sending back, as discussed on our page on DNA test by mail.

Notably, gaining the cooperation of the mother is often a very sensitive matter at first. We have an experienced and socially skilled agent with age seniority (which is important in Thailand) who contacts the mothers to gain their cooperation and coordinate discreet DNA sample collections if required, either inside or outside of the mother's home.

Thailand is a country with a lot of corruption. Indeed, Thai families have tried to bribe us, of course unsuccessfully, as discussed elsewhere on this website, so if they've done it to us, I would guess they've done it to others. If you do not want the mother and her associates to know who is doing the DNA test, so that they cannot possibly interfere secretly, then it is better if our agent goes to your location, rather than you bring them to our office, so they don't know who or where we are. To do this, you should instruct us to make sure our agent does not answer questions about who we are, because mothers will often ask questions when we arrive. For example, our agent can be instructed to speak only English. Sometimes, the mother wants to know we are legitimate, which is understandable, but usually they just follow without requiring knowledge of our identity before you have the results.

If you also do not want anybody else in your home to know anything, then we can meet you at another location, such as in a corner of a food court in a public location near your home but where it's likely nobody will know you.

If you have special needs, we may have a solution for you.

Please call us to discuss what is best for you.

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