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DNA Paternity Test Reliability -- Can You Trust Us?

It is a fair question to ask whether your not you can trust us, regarding your DNA paternity test results.

DNA paternity testing is a very important life matter. We want you to ask us any questions you may have. Do not be shy or embarrassed or "kreng jai" (intimidated). If we were in your situation, then we would want to ask questions, too. We do not want you to be unsure, nor to waste time worrying. We want for you to have a clear mind and full confidence in our DNA paternity test.

We are a registered company, i.e., a Co., Ltd., in Thailand.

Our company was co-founded by a physicist who come to Bangkok from Washington, D.C., in 1994 because Bangkok has the Asia Regional Office for the U.S. government, and who has experience in both the government and the purely private sector. We are accustomed to asking a lot of questions and clarifying things, so your questions are welcome.

We have asked ourselves the same thing of laboratories, whether we can rely on them. We have used different laboratories in the past, but the laboratory we chose to continue using is the one which we have the most confidence in, due to their being able to answer our challenging questions in an expert and clear way, our ability to develop a good and frank working relationship with multiple key people at the laboratory, and the laboratory certifications well beyond the minimum required. Our laboratory is not the cheapest (nor the most expensive!), but is very old and mature, large, and very standardized. It was the only one we could find which offers to test samples twice by two teams, their so-called Dual ProcessTM.

We do not have a lot of affiliates spread all over Thailand for one main reason: quality control. We have trusted and well trained staff who we have worked with for many years who travel to collect and control specimens, for reasons also discussed elsewhere on this website. It would be easy to outsource to people in other major cities in Thailand for purely business benefits, but that introduces risks. Our core DNA team is family and longtime close associates, so we are small.

We have a very well organized system for tracking DNA specimens from the moment they are collected.

As you will note on our DNA specimen envelopes, each specimen envelope has a bar code and a tracking number. The tracking number is what is used to track your specimens automatically, and the name written on the envelope is confirmation that it's the right case / specimen set (we've never had that show up incorrectly).

Any specimen submitted to the laboratory in an envelope which we provide in Bangkok will automatically be identified as an envelope from our company, no matter where in the world it was mailed in from, or who mailed it, due to this bar code on the envelope. When we receive a new box of envelopes, the bar codes were already entered into the computer at the laboratory before they were even sent to us. We link each envelope to its case immediately.

We log into the laboratory to link names to envelopes, so that later, everything is double checked when they arrive at the laboratory.

You will see on the laboratory's international website that for Thailand, our office phone number is the one listed. You can enter an inquiry on their website and we will receive it. That website is www.DDC-Thailand.com

If you come to our office, we are happy to show you our tracking system in our computer database, too. We can bring up your case, you can see your details in our system, including logging into the laboratory on the laboratory's own website with you sitting right next to us and track your case there. After you receive your results, you can forward them back to the laboratory at their own email domain. Generally, the laboratory may not deal with you directly in detail except to say that yes, we are legit, and to confirm case details -- they handle much too high of a volume and depend on local offices such as ours for customer service in detail -- and normally, they will forward your message to us, so that you can confirm even further that we are legitimate, because you didn't send us your message, they forwarded to us your message to them.

How can you be sure that the % probability of paternity is fairly accurate? This is a good question. You will note that in our reports, we do not just give you a number of 99.9999999%. Anybody can say that. Did they really calculate that number, or did they just make it up? Some laboratories have made questionable claims. We have examples of different laboratory reports with the same data (a customer sending their specimens to two different laboratories and comparing the results), whereby the two different laboratories report very different percentages of probability of paternity. Just because one says 99.9999999% and another says 99.998% does not mean the first laboratory is better. Is one just making up 99.9999999% just for customer satisfaction? Is the 99.998% laboratory just more honest?

For example, we have a case where there was a rare mutation so the DNA did not match completely, yet the other laboratory stated a very high probability of paternity, which looked questionable, and the other laboratory did not show how they calculated that % probability, they just stated a high probability. The customer came to us because they knew enough about DNA to know something appeared questionable.

If there is a mismatch, such as because of a mutation, then we can keep testing additional loci until the probability is truly over 99%, or else additional mismatches exclude the father.

We show the basis of our calculation. First, there is a number for each locus, on our reports. It is the P.I. number -- Paternity Index -- for that locus (in case of a paternity test). All the Paternity Index numbers are used to calculate the overall probability of paternity. This is explained on our page about How DNA Testing Works .

Some laboratories do not show their calculation, i.e., do not show individual P.I. for each locus. So, how would you know where a 99.99999+% calculation came from?

Our very old laboratory has a very large private database of human DNA, plus our laboratory has multiple Ph.D. experts as you can see listed.

Occasionally, customers who took their own samples and sent them to us in the mail have mixed up their samples by putting the wrong names on envelopes, or mixed up swabs. (This has never happened when our agents took the samples, but customers who take their own samples and mailed them in to our office have occasionally made a mistake.) There are ways to detect some customers' mistakes, with the resultant data. We can show you in our office some examples of how this is done, technically. We double check the data by various methods to make sure some kinds of errors were not made, especially by "do-it-yourself" customers who took their own specimens and mailed them in to us.

We are very careful about handling DNA.

We have heard from some customers that some competitors who have higher prices than us have told the customer that their price is higher because their quality is better. How would they know? If they make that claim, can you believe them? Do they have the long list of certifications and accreditations that we have, as noted on our home page? Our laboratory is very modern, and has a very long history of experience.

Because our laboratory is one of the largest and oldest, it does not pay the startup costs of new laboratories. Our laboratory also processes a very large number of cases, which makes the cost per case lower than if they processed fewer cases.

If you want to find out more information, then you may come to our office to visit in advance, at no extra cost. Of course, please make an appointment first. You can also feel free to call us anytime.

We are detailed in our support of our customers / patients.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. We want to make sure you have full confidence in our work, and are not bothered by any doubts, but have peace of mind because you have complete confidence in the results.

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