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DNA Test Preparations

All participants should not eat or drink anything, nor smoke, for at least 1 hour before DNA sample collection.

If the mother is breastfeeding the baby, please be sure to give a good breastfeed which is completed more than 1 hour before the test.

As noted elsewhere on this website, if you do not intend to submit your full name(s) for the DNA Test Report, then we do not need to see ID for the participant(s) who are not submitting their full name.

However, for all participants who want their full name on the report, we must see an original government issued photo ID which is still currently valid, which we will make a copy or take a photo of, for all adults. For children without such a photo ID, an original birth certificate is required. Please note: A copy of any of the above is not sufficient. We must see the original.

(It is notable that we have been doing DNA testing for more than 10 years, and have experience whereby a copy was presented, we required the original, and when we saw the original we noticed a significant change in the copy. Please do not argue with us about copies. For example, when you go to an embassy, do you think they would allow just a copy?)

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