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Buccal Swab DNA Collection, No Blood, No Pain

All DNA tests of all kinds by our company are painless. We do not collect blood. Most DNA tests in modern times are "buccal swab" tests, which are wipes of the inside of the cheek. We use a swab which looks like a cotton Q-tip but actually it is a little bit more abrasive and made of a kind of nylon which cheek cells stick to.

Cheek cells come off the inside of your mouth easily, and are very good for DNA testing.

However, we must take precautions to not contaminate the swabs and sample -- before, during, and after DNA collection.

Notably, sometimes people come into our office with nonstandard samples, such as a toothbrush, cigarette butt, hairs with roots, or other samples. We can accept these, but these are less reliable and cost more to process. If your situation means that standard buccal swabs cannot be used, then it is best to talk with us in advance about what is most likely to work and what to collect.

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