DNA Paternity Testing for the Thailand Government

Many government offices in Thailand have accepted our DNA paternity tests, such as for establishing the biological father for a child on a birth certificate.

However, no private laboratory should ever say nor imply that their tests are always accepted by the Thai government. A private laboratory could possibly say something like "Our notarized tests are accepted by the Thai government" if they were accepted by one or two places in Thailand and rejected by many others ...

Normally, we have you first specify which district office, i.e., which Amphur, you will be using the DNA test with, and then we talk with the particular government official at that district office who will process your submission.

Because our laboratory has many international certifications, our DNA tests have been accepted many times, especially upcountry.

However, we should talk with them in advance, before you pay us money.

Sometimes a person has walked into their Amphur office and the Thai government bureaucrat has required the family go to a particular Thai government police laboratory in Bangkok, not any private company nor hospital. That is a long way to go for people upcountry, especially with a small child.

It is much better if our DNA specimen collection agent goes to the distant province, and she can liaise with the government officer there, too.

Some offices in Bangkok are very strict and require that the people go to the police hospital in Bangkok. The same applies to Chonburi near Pattaya. I would guess that there is a lot of fraud there, due to the nature of Pattaya as a town with a lot of mafia and underworld.

Foreigners who have gone to the police hospital have complained about the tediousness, their much higher prices, and the very long time to get a report back.

It is best if we talk with the government official(s) in your province at the beginning in order to try to work out more options.

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