Anonymous, Confidential, Private DNA Paternity Testing

We are a private company. We are not the government.

Our office is accustomed to handling sensitive and confidential information, with many years of experience in doing so. Our Managing Director has worked in the national security field handling highly secret information in the past, so is well accustomed to securely handling information and materials. We have taken the same professional protective measures for customers' personal privacy as we have for our own confidential company and personal data, as standard operating procedures.

Normally, you specify how you want to be contacted for the results, such as email, phone, postal mail, pickup at our office, and/or other means. You specify the phone numbers, email addresses, and/or entities authorized to access your information. We enter all this information into your record. For example, if somebody calls us from a phone number not specified in your record, and claims to be yourself by name, then we do not give out your information.

For example, if you gave us your phone number and email, then years later come back wanting a copy of your DNA test because you lost yours, but contact us by another phone number or email address, and say you no longer have your old phone number or email address, then you must walk into our office with your original government issued photo ID. In this situation, if you are overseas, sorry, we can't send you a copy, full stop. If it was an anonymous DNA test, sorry, we can't give you another copy, if you've lost your original contact means in our records.

If you want to tell us you will never ask for a copy, then we will note this in your record and then you are locked out from getting another copy in the future, even if your email address or phone are hijacked, for example, and a request is made.

Anonymous DNA Paternity Testing

If you are doing a paternity test for only your own private knowledge, with no intentions of ever using our results for any official government matters, then you do not need to show us any ID nor even use your real names. For your own peace of mind, the best way to stay anonymous is to not give us your name. We do not take any photo of you in this case.

Unlike some other DNA testing services in the world, we do not require that you present or give us a copy of your ID, if you choose anonymous DNA testing. We need only DNA specimens and an alias one-word name for each specimen. It is that simple and quick.

All alias names can be only a one-word name. For example, "John" is OK but "David Johnson" is NOT OK. "Spiderman" is OK, but "Spider Man" in two words is not OK.

Discreet Mail or Messenger

If you don't even want to be seen, such as if you are famous, then just set up an anonymous email address to contact us in advance with your aliases. Then you can send the samples to us by postal mail. For this, there are 2 options:

  1. Give one of us (or me, Mark) a means to send you a DNA collection kit and retrieve your samples anonymously. Options include using a trusted associate of yours as your proxy as either a messenger or by a postal mailing address for a discreet package which does NOT say "DNA" on the outside, or else a location for one of our staff to meet another messenger/"cutout" person such as at a Starbucks or other landmark, (or even use of a "dead drop" location,)
  2. Request no kit, and instead request our instructions on how to take DNA samples from things you can buy from a convenience store, and then mail those to us without any return address, and correspond with us by email, such as via .

We can send the results (a PDF file) to your email address.

Notably, if you use postal mail, then it is best to just use normal postal mail since EMS requires the sender show their ID. You could just have a trusted associate mail it, or drop it into a mailbox on the street yourself with postage stamps on it.

We've had people use an intermediary messenger to hand over the DNA who themselves did not know they were handing over DNA (and maybe later receiving a DNA paper report if you request, but I suggest ). The customer takes their own DNA samples, puts all the sample envelopes into a larger sealed envelope with no markings about the contents inside so even their messenger doesn't know what's inside, and gives them to a trusted associate or messenger to hand to one of our staff at some meeting place outside of our office, such as a well known landmark. (We did not discuss it with the messenger.) However, in a case like that, you need to be able to trust your messenger / associate, of course. If this is what you want, then you can just request "cutout" service.

You can discuss with us in advance how to handle your own particular situation.

Once we have processed anonymous DNA specimens, there is no way to change the anonymity. In other words, if you contact us later and say you want to use that test for official purposes, we do not allow that, and will not change any names on any reports. You must come in again and do another DNA test by normal procedures for non-anonymous DNA testing, using our Standard Identification Process, if you want to use any DNA test for official purposes.

Confidential and Private DNA Testing

If you use one or more real full names, then for each full name we must see a government issued photo ID for adults, and for the child either a government issued photo ID or else an original birth certificate if the child has no government issued photo ID. We also must take a photo of the child we tested together with you. The DNA testing is still confidential, it's just not anonymous.

Other policies regarding confidentiality were discussed at the top of this article.

We value privacy. We understand other peoples concerns about their privacy. We are a purely private company, not a government agency.

We do not deal with governments about your DNA information or identity unless you request that we do so.

If you have any questions about confidentiality, please feel free to contact us. We want everybody to not worry too much, and to accommodate your needs. It is best to discuss everything in advance and get peace of mind about your information security, too.

You can see additional information on our page on our DNA policies, confidentiality and privacy.

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