Require Breastfeeding

In many cases where the alleged father is not sure whether or not he is the biological father, there is minimal financial support during the pregnancy and immediately after the baby is born.

A very crucial time is right after the baby is born, because many mothers do not breastfeed significantly if they are under financial pressure to work, instead switching to powdered baby formula in the hands of a caretaker.

The mother may be under more than the usual amount of financial pressure due to the costs of the pregnancy and delivery, plus possibly a reduction in the mother's ability to work late in pregnancy, in addition to new baby costs and maternity time away from work after the baby is born. Too often, the mother chooses going back to work over breast feeding. She may even pay a caretaker, too, which is an additional expense. The caretaker might be a low skilled person in the environment, and you might not know what kind of person that could be and how the child is being taken care of.

Many mothers, even if able to take care of the child, will switch to baby formula anyway. Many mothers need to be advised to breastfeed, or even required to breastfeed as a condition for continued support. Excuses should be questioned.

Therefore, it is important to find out the situation and assert some leadership and control. Goodness knows that in many places and environments in the world, leadership intervention and a better role model are needed. It is important to require breastfeeding after delivery and for the first few months.

It doesn't cost much to live in Thailand, especially upcountry.

The foreign man should protect himself against paternity fraud. One thing we've seen many times is large amounts of money are requested but it doesn't all get spent as intended by the foreign man overseas. If money is sent, it is best to send small amounts of money over time, not a large amount at one time, if this is feasible.

If the alleged father is in Thailand, then it is important to assess the situation on the ground in person, and possibly with an unannounced visit so there is no showmanship and preparation by the mother. If overseas, then if you have any trusted friends or associates in Thailand, it is good to get some ground truth. Thai friends are often better because Thais understand other Thais the best. Often, you can find a normal Thai-farang couple with experience in the applicable class of Thai society as the mother, who are willing to put in the effort and time, and can give objective advice.

Wikipedia is a good place to start to understand the importance of breastfeeding to lifelong health.

There are a variety of situations, so we cannot discuss all the potential outcomes. Of course, it is sometimes best to find out who is the biological father sooner rather than later. In any case, it is important to encourage breastfeeding at least.

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