Prices of DNA Paternity Tests

How much does it cost? Our prices for DNA paternity tests are as follows:

  • Personal knowledge test: 9800 baht

  • Legal chain of custody test: 16,400 baht

We have another page explaining the differences between a personal knowledge test vs. a legal chain of custody test

The above is the TOTAL cost, no surprises, for tests in our office in Bangkok. Alternatively, we also do field collections where we can send a field agent to your location, for example, in cases where it is not practical or convenient to bring everybody to our office in central Bangkok, such as a newborn baby, or some other reason. You may decide it may be better for us to send one of our agents into the field than your party of 3 to our office, whether you are in Bangkok or almost anywhere in Thailand.

There is no additional charge for sending an agent to most parts of Bangkok (central Bangkok, Bang Na, Bangkapi, some parts of Nonthaburi and Pathum Thani, etc.). However, there is normally a travel fee to other parts of Thailand, such as Pattaya, Hua Hin, Udon Thani, Buriram, Korat, Chiang Mai, etc. We cover all of Thailand except some of the provinces bordering Malaysia due to the conflicts there.

See also our page on remote locations.

We can also mail a self-sample kit to you, to take your own samples and mail them in. However, for a self-sample kit, you can use only your first names (or an alias), not your full names, because we cannot verify your identity. If you want your full names on a report, then we must send an agent to your location to take the samples (who is a neutral third party) and identify you.

To mail a kit costs 1000 baht, which applies to the total cost, i.e., 1000 baht to mail the kit, then 8800 baht for the test, for a total of 9800 baht.

Notably, we have had customers come to us who complained that another DNA testing agency was tricky with them about price. For example, one customer said they were told to send 4000 baht and they would mail a kit to them, then after they mailed it back in, they were told to pay a huge amount for the test, and that the 4000 baht was just to mail a kit.

We have also had customers come in who were told by another place that, for example, the cost was 9000 baht, so they went to the other place and after the staff took the samples for child, mother, and alleged father, they were asked for 27,000 baht, and that it was 9000 baht per person. (They said they got angry and left, and later came to us.)

We want to make very clear that 9800 baht is our total cost for a DNA personal knowledge test in our office or by mail, with no surprises later. We always discuss the TOTAL price up front, with no surprises later.

Even though some other people can practice bait-and-switch tactics, we will not do so. Just because other people do it in business does not mean it's OK. Bait and switch is tricky and wrong. Unfortunately, it is common in this world, and often done shamelessly in Thailand.

We are well aware that there are other places with stated prices MUCH higher than ours. Many people have called us and asked if our test is good because it's so cheap. We are aware that many people will simply go to another place and pay more because they think that the higher price is for a better test. Actually, I don't see how another place can offer a better quality test. Look at the long list of accreditations our laboratory has achieved, and compare that. Our laboratory handles a much higher volume of DNA cases, so the cost per case is less. For example, if Factory A sold only 100 vehicles per year, and had to pay for all your factory expenses and overhead for that, then how could you compete with a Factory B selling 10,000's of vehicles per year? Obviously, Factory B can offer lower prices than Factory A and still be profitable. Our laboratory is one of the biggest in the world.

We have heard that another company has said that our test is lower quality, and that is why theirs was more expensive because it was higher quality, but they were being tricky and dishonest.

The cost is for a child, an alleged father, and optionally a mother. We do not charge anything extra for the mother's participation, in order to encourage mother participation. (This also can show that the mother's DNA matches the child's, which might be of use in something official later, as well as checking to see whether there could have been a baby mix up at the hospital.) Mother participation is entirely your option. (It costs us a little bit more, but not a lot more, as most of our cost is overhead anyway, so we can simply include the mother at no additional cost to you.)

If you have any questions about pricing, or anything else, please feel free to ask.

Besides paternity tests, there are additional kinds of family relationship DNA tests which we do, such as:

  • grandparent / uncle / aunt (e.g., if the alleged father is deceased or unavailable)
  • half siblings or full siblings
  • mothers (maternity test)
  • ... others

These options are discussed in detail on our page on family relationship DNA testing.

For the prices for any of these, please call us. There may be more than one option for testing, and we can recommend the best kind of test. For example, the type of test may be "Y-STR" (male Y chromosome), "mtDNA" (female mitochondria), or "avuncular" (sounds similar to av-uncle) (aunt or uncle relationship by statistical analysis), for example. Which test is best depends upon the situation. We normally put together a family tree of participants and can explain to you advantages and disadvantages of each optional test, including pricing.

Sometimes we are asked to be the DNA collection agent for specimens from one or more individuals in Thailand, for example, for inheritance or other legal or personal matters overseas, for either a legal chain of custody test or a personal knowledge test. There is no one price which fits all, and we ask that you contact us to discuss your situation and requirements.

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