Other DNA Tests

We provide additional kinds of family relationship testing, not just paternity tests.

Long lost family, when reunited, can collect evidence to confirm their biological relationship, or else to indicate a false lead.

We've performed maternal DNA tests (for various reasons) -- to find out whether or not a particular person is the biological mother -- which resulted in both positives and negatives.

Paternity and maternity tests are relatively straightforward, but extended family relationships require more analysis.

For example, foreign men have passed away in Thailand, after which the family wished to find out whether the claimed Thai offspring of the man were truly his offspring.

We can use the DNA of grandparents and/or siblings of any person not available for testing. The % probability depends on how many relatives, which relative(s), and number of loci checked (a matter of cost).

Alternatively, if the tested participants have a gender chain, then we can test male lineage (Y-STR) or female lineage (mitochondria, or mtDNA).

The Y-STR chromosome is passed only from male to male, so that a male child should match his grandfather and uncles on the paternal side of his family only.

You got your mitochondria from your mother, and mtDNA is passed down over the generations only by the maternal line.

Y-STR and mitochondria DNA may give a false match if the real parent is actually a distant relative of the alleged parent, so Y-STR and mtDNA tests must be performed only after considering this possibility. It works best in international cases. The Y-STR chromosome and mtDNA have tended to mutate slowly but significantly. (Ancestry tests use these.)

We have a separate web page on Y-STR male lineage DNA tests.

Our laboratory can provide some of the most accurate DNA analysis in the world today, because our laboratory is one of the oldest and biggest in the world, whereby it has built up a huge private database over so many years of the frequency of the different alleles observed at each locus for all of its cases, which is what it can base its calculations on. There is no quick and easy shortcut to this kind of data and experience. Furthermore, it has not one but many Ph.D. staff employed for analysis and working together.

This is why we joined up with this particular laboratory. We have dealt with other DNA testing laboratories over the years, but when it comes to the very important issue of determining paternity, maternity, and family relationships, we take no chances and joined up with the best. We developed a relationship to become their corporate partner for Thailand.

Some of our customers have gone to a second laboratory for another opinion, and come up with the same allele data but a very different % probability of relatedness, including much higher based on the same laboratory data. Obviously, since it's the exact same data, then how could the calculation be different? Just because some other laboratory out there claims a higher probability doesn't mean they really did the best calculation". Indeed, it would be easy to consider alternative motivations, such as bragging for sales or customer satisfaction. There are websites selling many questionable claims. You can even claim that a % probability is "a professional opinion". An opinion. Well, we show our calculations.

Our reports, unlike some others, actually show the basis of our calculations. For example, on our sample reports, you can see the numbers we used for each loci, which in turn multiplies to give you the stated % number.

In other words, we do not only quote a bottom line % probability result, but also many numbers along the way which went into that calculation. If another laboratory report states only a final % without stating how they calculated that, then you can ask them how they came up with that percent probability bottom line.

It is frustrating to read websites which misleadingly oversell some kinds of relationship testing. We do not want to copy and be that kind of people, and would rather maintain ethical class without compromising to maximize financial class.

If you want to prove something to yourself or to other people, then you can find somebody out there who can give you what you want, but if you want an objective opinion, then we are here to do our best to provide an unbiased analysis, whether or not it proves or disproves, or provides support for or against, what you may believe or wish.

We first try to understand your situation, then recommend test options, and if there is more than one option then explain the advantages and disadvantages of each. We also explain what you should expect from the results. We have sample test reports for various kinds of relationship testing. You are under no obligation to buy any service from us. You may choose to engage our services, or may choose to wait and possibly engage later, or go elsewhere. We don't want to take your money and then give you a disappointing surprise later. We want for you to choose the kind of test which is best for you, understand what to expect, and if you are OK with everything, then we are happy to help you, on a good basis, including later explaining anything from the report and continuing to answer questions later if you wish.

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