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The Australian Embassy requires that the DNA paternity testing laboratory be certified by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). Our laboratory in the USA is the only laboratory outside of Australia which is NATA certified (as of this writing in January 2016).

Many cases do not require a DNA test. However, sometimes people must do a DNA test before their application is approved. The Australian Embassy has been referring many people to Form 118: Application for Australian citizen by descent. That form refers you to Form 1259i: Information about DNA testing for visa and citizenship applicants, whereby it states "you must choose a DNA testing laboratory that has been accredited by NATA for family law testing...", and then states that you can choose a testing facility here:
and then in the field "Keywords:" type in Parentage Testing
... and then you will see DNA Diagnostics Center Inc. as the first on the list of 7 (as of January 2020).
(Please note that the links have changed since we started tracking this in 2015, so if any of the above links don't work, please tell us immediately.)

Besides in Bangkok, we might also be able to help you in neighboring countries, e.g., we helped an Australian citizen in Myanmar with a DNA test which he submitted to the Australian Embassy in Myanmar.

We do not want to imply that we can definitely help you with the Australian Embassy, and no other non-official should say so, either. We just want to say that we are willing to try to help you, with no obligation whatsoever, and we are accustomed to dealing with Australians and governments, especially our native English speaking Managing Director. We need to know the particulars of your situation first.

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